What we do

The current market is governed by rules far more complex than the ones that existed before the crisis started in Spain in 2007. Nowadays, both individuals and groups have much more information and their influence in companies grows every day, so these companies must be responsive to the needs and expectations of  the so-called stakeholders. A company that is able to identify its relevant issues, its risks, its barriers, that knows who to talk with about those issues, that holds dialogues in a planned and structured way and makes arrangements with various parties is a company that takes on fewer risks and therefore is more sustainable, more enduring, and also able to identify business opportunities.

Inasmuch as this statement applies to any company, in the case of women entrepreneurs in rural areas the need of support and the development of a strategy that involves identifying difficulties, communication and planning relationships is essential to overcome the barriers that lie in the way of employment promotion of women in rural areas.

The CoRSE Project: entrepreneurs in the rural enviroment: social joint responsibility to guarantee the promotion of female employment aims to identify the risks and barriers that women take over when they become entrepreneurs in rural areas, what individuals or groups are involved in these barriers and therefore, whom to address to in order to solve different issues, as companies are in need of a constant dialogue with their environment to get problems sorted out. Moreover, we need an agreed action plan between women’s businesses and stakeholders (individuals or groups) that can affect and influence them.

Access to funding resources and ICT, time availability, lack of joint responsibility in housework duties and care for dependents, not enough entities to represent them, gaps in training and/or low communication skills … All these are some of the barriers that we have already identified at the group and individual workshops, as well as in the  life interviews that we are currently filming and that will be published in the following weeks in the documentation center.

This website will not only collect CoRSE’s project documentation: it’s also meant to become a significant point of reference on gender equality in workplaces and business environments in rural areas. To get there, we will publish the video interviews made to the project beneficiaries, but we also will recover information and documents of general interest  that, so far, have been scattered along the web and difficult to find. With all these actions, we intend the CoRSE project to be useful not only to its direct users, but that their knowledge, backgrounds and experiences will help many other women entrepreneurs, or any woman willing to start their own business. Should you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to contact us on our email.